<aside> 👋 Hi, I’m Ryan!

I’m a compulsive builder, people lover & sub-par sports player. Reading these pages will give you a better idea of my story, my values and how I approach my career.


Embrace uncertainty, follow curiosity” - my life motto by me!

I don’t believe my life has an end destination, rather, it’s journey of self-awareness. Discovering more about myself and always improving my model of the world through life experiences.

Hence, I’m currently optimising for ways to improve my model of the world through:

  1. Meeting, building and maintaining relationships with people
  2. Learning new skills
  3. Travelling to and living in new locations

1️⃣ A bit more about me

My values


2️⃣ Career achievements

My personal toolkit/skill stack

Product Achievements

Be great at getting products from 0 to 1 with specialisations in product and growth

Growth Achievements